binance listing requirements

Binance Listing Process

Binance Listing Process Overview

  1. Application Submission:
    • Projects must complete our listing application form.
    • Note: The application must be filled out by the founder or a co-founder.
  2. Review and Due Diligence:
    • Our listing, research, and partnership team will conduct a thorough review and due diligence of the application, typically completed within 1-3 business days.
  3. Approval and Contract Signing:
    • If the project meets our listing criteria and passes the due diligence process, it will be approved. Our team will then reach out to you to proceed with the next steps, including sending and signing a contract agreement by both parties.
  4. Marketing and Promotion:
    • Once the contract is signed and all formalities are completed, our marketing team will collaborate with you to create necessary promotional materials, including announcements and a joint press release.


  • Project must have active and renowned team members
  • Project must have real time use and application case
  • Project must have a growing community and at least 1000 members in its social media community
  • Project must have a solid and stable financial background


Required Documentation for Listing Application:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation: This document verifies the legal registration and existence of your company.
  2. Legal Opinion: A statement from a legal authority confirming the compliance of your project with current regulatory frameworks.
  3. Identification of Top 3 Team Members: Valid identification documents for the top three team members, such as national ID cards, passports, or driver’s licenses, are required.
  4. Project Whitepaper or Lightpaper: A detailed document outlining the project’s technology, roadmap, use case, and technical specifications.


Security Deposit: xxxxx Usdt

  • In cases of Token theft and hack attack on our Exchange systems
  • Technical breach of Data · wrong information via application process
  • Poor Liquidity of Token by MM team
  • Compensation of community in cases of hacks or technical damage


If you’re interested in listing your token on CEXs or have any questions, contact CoinListing.Services. We’ve negotiated lower listing fees with exchanges and can assist you throughout the process.

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How Much Does It Cost to List on a Crypto Exchange?

Hey there, here’s how we can help you save money on CEX listing fees. Instead of paying the full amount, we negotiate a lower fee with the exchange, giving you more savings!

Here’s a breakdown of the savings we can offer:

  • $60k => $57k
  • $40k => $38k
  • $30k => $28.5k
  • $20k => $19k
  • $15k => $14k
  • $10k => $9k

For instance, let’s take Bitmart as an example:

Official Listing Fee: $30k
5% off with CoinListing.Services
You only pay $28,500

Why choose Bitmart?

  1. Competitive pricing among T2 exchanges.
  2. Legitimate and swift service (can list within 24 hours when needed).
  3. Established since 2018, recognized by users and mainstream media.

BitMart is a truly global exchange with users across various countries, including the US, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Russia.

Some recent achievements of BitMart include:

  • Named the Best Exchange for Altcoins 2024 by Investopedia.
  • Recognized among the Top 200 FinTech companies by CNBC, being one of only five crypto companies awarded alongside Binance and Coinbase.
  • FINCEN licensed.