binance listing requirements


Binance Listing – Comprehensive Guide to Services and Listing Process at a Leading Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global Cryptocurrency Exchange – Overview

Exchange Metrics:

  • Tokens Offered: 2000
  • Markets Available: 2500
  • Daily Active Users: Over 15 million
  • 24-Hour Trading Volume: $13 billion+
  • Global Monthly Ranking: No. 1 Cryptocurrency Exchange

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO):

  • Basic IEO Package:
  • Listing Pairs: 1 Pair (USDT / BTC / ETH)
  • Non-Fee Accounts: 1
  • Marketing Initiatives: Includes 1 press release, 1 dedicated newsletter, and social media posts across various platforms
  • IEO Funds Raised: $700,000,000+

Premium IEO Launchpad:

  • Listing Pairs: Up to 3 pairs (USDT / BTC / ETH)
  • Non-Fee Accounts: 3
  • Extended Market Making: Up to 3 months
  • Marketing Exposure: Multiple press releases, dedicated YouTube videos, comprehensive social media campaigns in 12 languages, and front-page banners
  • IEO Views: Up to 695,000 views per banner
  • Community Engagement: AMA sessions, staking events, and Telegram chats with pinned messages
  • Security Deposit and Fees: Variable, with success fees applicable after the first $2 million raised

Listing Process Summary:

  1. Application Submission: Must be completed by a founder or co-founder
  2. Review and Due Diligence: Conducted by our listing, research, and partnership teams within 1-3 business days
  3. Approval and Contract Agreement: Follows a successful review
  4. Marketing Collaboration: Joint press releases and promotional materials creation

Security and Risk Management:

  • Compensations for Community: In events of hacks or technical breaches, ensuring community trust and security
  • Project Requirements:
  • Legal documents such as Certificate of Incorporation and Legal Opinion
  • Valid identification for top 3 team members
  • A comprehensive project whitepaper or lightpaper
  • Active, renowned team members and a real-time application case for the project
  • A solid financial background and a minimum of 1000 members in social media communities

Listing Events and Benefits:

  • Order Book Management: Ensures tight bid-ask spreads without market manipulation
  • Community Building: Engages and grows a loyal project following, enhancing market stability
  • Promotional Activities: Trading competitions, staking options, AMAs, and newsletters tailored to project goals and reaching up to 500,000 subscribers

Contact Information:

  • Email: Info@CoinListing.Services
  • Official Telegram Channel: @CoinListingAgency

This comprehensive overview ensures clarity in our offerings, enhancing transparency for potential partners looking to list with a leading global exchange.