bitget listing requirements

Bitget’s Token Listing Criteria

Deciphering Bitget’s Token Listing Criteria: A Comprehensive Overview

Listing a token on centralized exchanges (CEXs) entails meeting specific requirements, primarily centered around community engagement and trading volume on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and ensuring a robust trading volume.

Bitget, a prominent platform, has its unique project review criteria, which encompass various metrics to gauge a token’s potential and community support:

  1. Testnet Participation: The number of participants in the testnet, indicating developer and user interest in the project’s technology and features.
  2. IDO Subscribers: The number of successful subscribers in the Initial DEX Offering, reflecting investor interest and demand for the token.
  3. Airdrop Holders: The count of holders of the airdropped currency, demonstrating initial community engagement and distribution.
  4. On-chain Task Platform Participants: The number of participants utilizing the on-chain task platform, showcasing real-world utility and adoption.
  5. Average Views of Inactive Twitter Content: The average views of inactive Twitter content, providing insights into community engagement and interest over time.
  6. Telegram/Discord Communities: The number of communities on Telegram or Discord, indicating the project’s outreach and support channels.
  7. Average Chats per Hour: The average number of chats per hour on Telegram or Discord, reflecting community activity and engagement levels.
  8. Official Website Visits: Monthly visits to the official website, serving as a measure of interest and traffic directed towards the project.
  9. Twitter Space Participants (for Community Projects): The number of participants in Twitter Spaces events, showcasing community involvement and interaction.
  10. Financing (for Non-community Projects): Funding secured for non-community projects, indicating financial support and investment interest.
  11. Number of Addresses on the Chain: The count of addresses holding the token on the blockchain, indicating distribution and adoption.
  12. On-chain Transactions: The number of transactions recorded on the blockchain within a week, reflecting token activity and usage.
  13. Average Interactions on the Chain: The average number of interactions per hour on the blockchain explorer, providing insights into token activity and network engagement.
  14. 24-Hour DEX Trading Volume (for DEX Projects): The trading volume on decentralized exchanges within a 24-hour period, showcasing liquidity and trading activity for DEX-based projects.

These criteria serve as a comprehensive framework for evaluating tokens seeking listing on Bitget, encompassing various aspects of community engagement, project development, and market activity. By considering these metrics, Bitget aims to ensure the listing of high-quality tokens with strong community support and growth potential.

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