Bybit Listing Requirements

Bybit Listing Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Asset Listing

Are you looking to list your digital asset on Bybit Exchange? Understanding Bybit’s listing requirements is crucial for a successful listing process. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Token Issuer Verification: Bybit conducts thorough checks on the legal entity behind the token issuance, including business registration details and any adverse information.
  2. AML/CFT Compliance: Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) standards is essential. Bybit requires information on directors, beneficial owners, and partners to ensure compliance.
  3. Legal Compliance: Bybit scrutinizes the legal aspects of the proposed digital asset, including its anonymity features and adherence to Singaporean laws. A valid legal opinion from a reputable advisor is necessary.
  4. Business Viability Assessment: Bybit evaluates the commercial viability of the digital asset, examining its business model, track record, and future plans.
  5. Technical Capability Evaluation: Bybit assesses the technical capabilities of the team behind the digital asset, including their development outputs, technical milestones, and smart contract security.
  6. Market Demand Analysis: Bybit reviews the market demand for the digital asset, analyzing factors such as trading liquidity, market capitalization, and performance on other exchanges.
  7. Token Supply Management: Bybit examines the token’s supply schedule to mitigate the risk of oversupply in the future and ensures alignment with long-term stakeholder interests.
  8. Listing Status Review: Bybit considers the current listing status of the digital asset on other exchanges, including trading volume and reputation, to ensure fair and orderly trading.
  9. Communication Transparency Check: Bybit evaluates the transparency of the digital asset’s official communication channels, including its website, social media presence, and community engagement.
  10. Additional Criteria: Bybit may have additional criteria specific to the listing process, which will be communicated during the application process.

For inquiries regarding listing on Bybit, please contact Telegram @CoinListingService, providing essential project details as outlined in the listing requirements.

By leveraging CoinListing.Services, you can navigate Bybit’s listing process seamlessly while optimizing your digital asset’s visibility and accessibility to traders.

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