Detailed Guide: Crypto Exchanges Listing Fees

CoinListing.Net helps web3 projects get listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs). We negotiate with CEXs to get you the best listing fees. Here’s a breakdown of the fees for various exchanges, from cheapest to most expensive, along with a brief description of each exchange and why you might choose them.

Listing Fees and Exchange Descriptions

1. Cryptology

  • Website:
  • Fee: $2,000
  • Description: Cryptology is affordable and user-friendly, perfect for beginners. It has lower liquidity and a smaller user base compared to bigger exchanges.
  • Why Choose Cryptology: Great for starting out on a budget.

2. Dex-Trade

  • Website:
  • Fee: $2,500
  • Description: Dex-Trade is cost-effective with good technical support. It offers moderate liquidity and limited marketing reach.
  • Why Choose Dex-Trade: Good for affordable listings with reliable support.

3. Weex

  • Website:
  • Fee: $5,000
  • Description: Weex is a growing exchange with advanced features and a good reputation. It has a smaller user base and moderate liquidity.
  • Why Choose Weex: Ideal for those who want advanced features and to grow with the platform.

4. Tapbit

  • Website:
  • Fee: $10,000
  • Description: Tapbit offers high security and competitive fees, along with strong marketing support. It’s a newer platform with great potential.
  • Why Choose Tapbit: Perfect for projects prioritizing security and marketing support.

5. Latoken

  • Website:
  • Fee: $10,000
  • Description: Latoken is an established exchange with a strong community. It offers mid-range liquidity and varied user reviews.
  • Why Choose Latoken: Best for tapping into an established user base.

6. P2PB2B

  • Website:
  • Fee: $12,000
  • Description: P2PB2B is growing fast with a diverse user base. It has moderate trading volume and is quickly gaining popularity.
  • Why Choose P2PB2B: Good for entering a rising exchange.

7. Coinstore

  • Website:
  • Fee: $15,000
  • Description: Coinstore has a large user base and active community engagement. It offers moderate liquidity and is growing quickly.
  • Why Choose Coinstore: Ideal for rapid growth in a lively environment.

8. DigiFinex

  • Website:
  • Fee: $15,000
  • Description: DigiFinex is well-known with high liquidity. It provides strong market presence and reliable services.
  • Why Choose DigiFinex: Perfect for projects seeking more exposure and high liquidity.


  • Website:
  • Fee: $30,000
  • Description: offers good liquidity and strong marketing support. The higher fee reflects its competitive market position.
  • Why Choose Ideal for significant exposure and marketing support.

10. Bitmart

  • Website:
  • Fee: $30,000
  • Description: Bitmart is an established platform with high security measures. It provides excellent support and market reach.
  • Why Choose Bitmart: Best for projects seeking strong security and support.

11. WhiteBIT

  • Website:
  • Fee: $50,000
  • Description: WhiteBIT offers a robust trading environment with high liquidity and comprehensive support.
  • Why Choose WhiteBIT: For projects seeking security, support, and liquidity.

12. Lbank

  • Website:
  • Fee: $40,000
  • Description: Lbank has high liquidity and a strong user base, offering substantial support and exposure.
  • Why Choose Lbank: Ideal for high liquidity and extensive support.

13. MEXC

  • Website:
  • Fee: $60,000
  • Description: MEXC provides high liquidity and strong market presence. It offers extensive support and promotional opportunities.
  • Why Choose MEXC: Best for rapid scaling with significant support.

14. BingX

  • Website:
  • Fee: $80,000
  • Description: BingX is known for good liquidity and a growing reputation, offering excellent market support and features.
  • Why Choose BingX: Good for comprehensive market support and visibility.

15. Bitget

  • Website:
  • Fee: $100,000-$240,000 (depending on project quality)
  • Description: Bitget offers high security and a strong market presence, providing extensive support for high-quality projects.
  • Why Choose Bitget: Ideal for top-tier security and market presence.

16. HTX

  • Website:
  • Fee: $100,000-$320,000 (depending on project quality)
  • Description: HTX is a top exchange with very high liquidity and an established platform, offering unmatched exposure.
  • Why Choose HTX: Best for maximum exposure and liquidity in a top-tier exchange.

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