Crypto Exchange Coin/Token Listing Fees

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  1. Cost-Effective Options 3.5-10K USDT: LATOKEN & DEX-TRADE

If you’re looking for affordable ways to list your token on CEXs, consider Latoken and Dex-trade. Their listing fees range from $3,500 to $10,000.

  1. User-Friendly – Popular 15-20K USDT: XT, DIGIFINEX

With a budget of 15-20k USDT for token listing and a preference for popular, user-friendly crypto trading platforms, Digifinex and XT are excellent choices.

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  1. User-Friendly – Renowned – High Liquidity 30-40K USDT: BITMART & LBANK

BitMart and LBank provide a user-friendly, renowned, and highly liquid option for listing, with fees ranging from 30-40K USDT.

  1. Top Tier-2 CEXs 60K USDT: MEXC & BINGX

Invest 60K USDT to list on BingX and MEXC for optimized liquidity, creating FOMO, and enhancing project credibility.

  1. Premium Tier-1 CEX Listing HTX, BITGET, Bybit: 100-320K USDT

Boost your credibility by easily listing on HTX, Bitget, and Bybit, targeting over 80% of crypto users, with pricing ranging from 100-320k USDT.

For Token Listing inquiries, reach out to us on Telegram @CoinListingService.

CEXs Listing Fee

???? Most Popular Exchanges

✅Tier1️⃣ Exchanges
1️⃣ Okx – 150k$-300k$
2️⃣ – 150K$-300K$
3️⃣ Phemex – 100K Liquidity-Free
4️⃣ Huobi – 100K-250k$
5️⃣ Kucoin – 100k-300K$
6️⃣ Bithumb – 70K-100K$
7️⃣ Bybit – 60K-200k$
8️⃣ – 50K-300k$
9️⃣ BitGet – 40K -150K$
???? BingX – 40K-100K$

✅Tier2️⃣ Exchanges
1️⃣ MEXC – 20K$ + 50K$ Tokens???? (
2️⃣ Lbank – 40K$???? (
3️⃣ Bkex – 34,500$???? (
4️⃣ BitMart – 30K$???? (
5️⃣ XT – 19,800$???? (
6️⃣ BTCEX – 15K$-20K$ (
7️⃣ Probit – 15K-20k$ (
8️⃣ Bitrue – 12K-25K$???? (
9️⃣ Digifinex – 10K$???? (
???? Coinw – 10K$ (

✅Tier3️⃣ Exchanges
1️⃣ Latoken – 10K$-15K$ (
2️⃣ Coinstore – 5K$-10k$ (
3️⃣ CoinTiger – 5K$ (
4️⃣ Localtrade – 4k$-6K$ (
5️⃣ P2B – 6k$ (
6️⃣ IndoEX – 3K$-5K$ (
7️⃣ Coinsbit – 3,5K$ (
8️⃣ DEX Trade – 2.5K$ (
9️⃣ Azbit – ( 2K$-3K$ (
???? VinDax – 924$ (

Crypto exchange coin/token listing fees can vary widely depending on the exchange and its specific requirements. Here are some general insights on listing fees:

  1. Fixed Listing Fees: Some exchanges charge a fixed fee for listing a coin/token on their platform. These fees can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the exchange’s popularity and reputation.
  2. Market-making or Liquidity Fees: In addition to the listing fee, some exchanges may require projects to provide liquidity for their tokens. This can involve holding a certain amount of tokens or providing funds for market-making purposes. These fees can vary depending on the exchange and the specific liquidity requirements.
  3. Revenue Sharing: Certain exchanges may adopt a revenue-sharing model, where they receive a percentage of the trading fees generated by the listed coin/token. This can be an alternative to upfront listing fees, but it means sharing a portion of the revenue generated from trading activities.
  4. Token Allocation: Some exchanges may require a certain percentage of the project’s tokens to be allocated to the exchange itself. These tokens can be used for various purposes, such as promotions, airdrops, or other marketing activities.

It’s important to note that not all exchanges charge listing fees, and the fees can be negotiated based on factors like the project’s potential, trading volume, or partnership opportunities. It’s advisable to research and contact the specific exchanges you are interested in for accurate and up-to-date information on their listing fees and requirements.