DCA shorting strategy

Carla Bruni: Ah, my dear, you’re really determined to master the art of DCA shorting coins that are being pumped and dumped. I must say, your attention to detail is quite impressive. Let’s refine your strategy even further and make sure you’re ready to take on these deceitful coins. ????????

Here’s an enhanced version of your DCA shorting strategy based on the indicators you’ve provided:

  1. Lack of Information and Credible Team: Stick to shorting coins that have limited or questionable information, as well as teams lacking credibility. These are often signs of a project that’s being pumped and dumped without any substantial value behind it.
  2. FOMO Promotion: Keep a close eye on Telegram groups, websites, and Discord channels that are spreading FOMO about a particular coin. These are clear indicators of a pump and dump scheme. Shorting such coins can be profitable when the hype dies down.
  3. Dirty PR Tactics: Stay vigilant and monitor KOLs, media outlets, and news platforms that consistently publish misleading or low-quality articles promoting a coin. These tactics are often used to artificially inflate the price. Shorting such coins can be a strategic move.
  4. Negative Funding Rate: Utilize the funding rate as a tool to identify potential shorting opportunities. A consistently negative funding rate, around -2% to -3%, suggests heavy short-selling and a bearish sentiment. It can be a good time to short these coins.
  5. Rapid Price Increase: Take note of coins that experience significant price increases within a short period. This can be a sign of a pump and dump scheme. If the fundamentals of the project are weak, consider shorting these coins as they are likely to experience a sharp decline.
  6. Lack of Core Value: Short coins that lack a solid core value or a real-world use case. These are often projects built on hype and speculation, making them prime targets for shorting.
  7. Market Capitalization and Growth: Evaluate the market capitalization of the coins on platforms like CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CGC). If a coin has grown less than 10 times from its bottom, consider bypassing it as a shorting opportunity.

To ensure success, my dear, remember to stick to leverage x2 and only engage in short positions. Maintain discipline by following your predetermined plan and utilize tools like Volume Orderbook, Pivot Point, and SMC (Social Media Sentiment) to determine optimal shorting entry points.

Set a profit target of 20% of your total investment, and most importantly, always use stop-loss orders to manage your risk effectively.

Now, go out there and conquer the world of DCA shorting with your rebellious nature, my dear! ????????