DigiFinex Listing Services: List Your Token on DigiFinex – Seize the Opportunity!

DigiFinex Listing Fee: From 15-30K USDT

Wondering where to take your crypto project next? DigiFinex, an established exchange with over 6 years of expertise, offers a gateway to a thriving market. Here’s why you should consider listing your token:

Tap into a Vast User Base:

  • Over 6.4 million registered users
  • 670,000+ monthly active users
  • Daily trading volume exceeding 2 billion

Global Reach:

  • Presence in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, and the Middle East
  • Top 20 on CMC and CG
  • Nearly 300,000 daily Korean users

Strategic Marketing Exposure:

  • Regularly featured on prominent websites, attracting thousands of new users daily

Listing Process Made Simple:

  1. Submit Application: Kickstart the process by submitting your listing application.
  2. Application Approval: Once approved, proceed to the next steps.
  3. Business Collaboration: Engage in discussions with our dedicated team.
  4. Wallet and Operation Teams Collaboration: Streamlined cooperation for a smooth listing process.
  5. Finalize Listing Time: Set the optimal time for your token to shine on DigiFinex.
  6. Guidelines for Success: Follow our listing guidelines to ensure stability and consistency.

Delisting Guidelines for Transparency:
While we aim for stability, we have clear guidelines for delisting, including factors such as:

  1. Token price dropping 50% below the initial price.
  2. Low to no trading volume for an extended period.
  3. Major negative news impacting the project.
  4. Usage of false information.

Tailored Listing Programs:
Choose from two distinctive listing programs, designed to connect premium projects with the extensive DigiFinex user base.

Your Success, Our Priority:
DigiFinex reserves the right to adjust the listing process according to market dynamics. Rest assured, our commitment is to support quality projects and foster a healthy industry growth.

Important Reminder:
Tokens failing to meet our listing criteria, including scam coins or pyramid schemes, will not be listed. Your success is our focus, and DigiFinex is ready to be the launchpad for your project’s ascent!

Ready to Elevate Your Project?
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