Easy Steps for Listing Your Token on CEXs

CEX Token Listing Process

  1. Send us your project’s website and Contract Address. We check if it meets the crypto exchange listing requirements.
  2. If accepted, we will connect you with the Listing Team to discuss listing time and fees.
  3. We refund 50% of the commission fee we get from the crypto exchange.

Important: You only pay the exchange’s listing fee, and there are no extra charges. Work with us for a better deal on listing fees at CEXs – we negotiate early.

Easy Steps for Listing Your Token on CEXs

Are you eager to get your token listed and traded on top-tier CEXs? Follow these easy steps to navigate the listing process smoothly:

  1. Ensure Compliance with Listing Criteria:
  • Check if your token meets the listing criteria of the CEXs. Criteria typically include legal entity information, AML/CFT compliance, legal characteristics, commercial viability, technical capability, market demand, token supply, listing status, communication transparency, and community engagement.
  1. Gather Required Documentation:
  • Collect all necessary documentation as per the listing criteria. This may include legal entity information, AML/CFT policies, legal opinions, business models, tokenomics, track records, technical outputs, community engagement metrics, and more.
  1. Prepare a Comprehensive Listing Proposal:
  • Compile a comprehensive listing proposal that covers all aspects of your token, including its background, purpose, features, tokenomics, market demand, technical capabilities, and community support. Ensure that your proposal addresses each criterion outlined by the CEXs.
  1. Contact CEXs for Listing Inquiry:
  • Reach out to the CEXs you’re interested in for listing your token. Contact them via their designated channels, such as Telegram, email, or website forms. Provide detailed information about your project, including the project name, issuing entity information, token details, token sales information, official website, whitepaper, and development community details.
  1. Engage with CEXs for Evaluation:
  • Engage with representatives from the CEXs to facilitate the evaluation process. Be prepared to provide additional information or clarify any queries they may have regarding your listing proposal. Maintain open communication and address any concerns promptly.
  1. Follow Up and Provide Updates:
  • Follow up with the CEXs regularly to inquire about the status of your listing proposal. Provide updates on any significant developments or achievements related to your project. Demonstrate your commitment to transparency and collaboration throughout the process.
  1. Review Listing Terms and Fees:
  • Review the listing terms and fees proposed by the CEXs upon acceptance of your listing proposal. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions associated with listing your token on each exchange, including any listing fees or ongoing obligations.
  1. Finalize Listing Agreement:
  • Once you’ve agreed to the listing terms and fees, finalize the listing agreement with the CEXs. Review the agreement carefully and seek legal advice if necessary to ensure mutual understanding and compliance with all terms.
  1. Prepare for Token Listing:
  • Prepare your token for listing on the CEXs according to their specific requirements and guidelines. This may involve technical integrations, compliance checks, and marketing preparations to ensure a successful listing launch.
  1. Celebrate Your Token Listing:
    • Congratulations! Celebrate the successful listing of your token on the CEXs and leverage the newfound visibility and liquidity to propel your project to new heights within the crypto community.

By following these easy steps, you can navigate the process of listing your token on CEXs with confidence and efficiency. Good luck with your listing journey!