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BitMake Exchange: Navigating the BitMake Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Guide

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, BitMake stands out as a versatile platform offering a Unified Trading Account that caters to various financial needs. This essay delves into the intricacies of BitMake‘s product offerings, encompassing Unified Accounts, USD-based transactions, Unified Margin, Lending and Borrowing Services, Futures, Sub-Accounts, Fees, and the Registration/Download/Login/Verification process.

BitMake Exchange

Unified Accounts:
BitMake‘s Unified Accounts streamline user experiences, allowing each user a wallet account and multiple trading accounts. These accounts support various trading types, including spot trading, spot margin trading, contract trading, and lending services. The independence of trading accounts ensures immunity to the actions of others, with liquidation applying only to specific trading accounts.

All calculations within the BitMake system are USD-based. This ensures consistency in trading operations. Users with assets not denominated in USD may encounter borrowing interest during trading.

Unified Margin:
The Unified Margin system utilizes main assets within a single account as collateral. The maintenance margin ratio plays a crucial role, as falling below it may lead to liquidation and the loss of collateral assets.

Lending and Borrowing Services:
BitMake facilitates asset lending and borrowing in spot trading, enabling users to earn interest on idle assets. Interest settlements occur hourly, providing a dynamic financial environment.

Futures trading on BitMake is USD-based, with positions valued using the index price. The platform supports one-directional futures trading in full-margin mode, with automatic daily settlement of profits and losses. Unrealized profits in contract positions can be utilized as collateral for new positions, and funding rates for contracts are settled hourly.

Users, upon registration, automatically become primary users, capable of creating and managing multiple sub-accounts and trading accounts. This hierarchical structure allows for efficient management and authorization of different trading accounts with varying permissions.

BitMake employs a fee structure categorized into regular and professional user systems. Professional clients benefit from preferential fee rates and exemption from rebate programs. Fee calculations are based on total trading volumes for both Takers and Makers.

BitMake’s user flow involves straightforward steps, from registration and verification to deposit and withdrawal. Specific tutorials and guidelines are available in the Help Center documentation. Certain restrictions exist during registration, and users must adhere to password requirements.

BitMake currently supports various cryptocurrencies for deposits, including USDT, BTC, ETH, TRX, LTC, XRP, MATIC, AVAX, and DOGE.

Trading – Spot:
Spot trading on BitMake is denominated in USDT, with a 0.1% trading fee on both buying and selling sides. The platform supports various trading pairs, each with its set of supported order types, such as Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Trailing Stop Loss.

Spot Leverage:
BitMake’s spot leverage operates in full-margin mode. Leverage calculations impact the available balance, providing users with flexibility and risk management capabilities.

Cross-Currency Trading:
Cross-currency trading in the spot market requires spot leverage mode, allowing users to engage in margin trading across different assets.

Futures Trading:
BitMake’s futures trading supports perpetual futures trading with a maximum leverage of 50x. Similar to spot trading, various order types are available for futures trading, including Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Trailing Stop Loss.

Financial Services:
BitMake’s financial services encompass borrowing, repayment, and lending. Users can borrow assets, use them for trading, and repay them at their convenience. Lending idle assets allows users to earn interest income.

Unified Trading Account:
BitMake’s Unified Trading Account structure allows users to manage multiple trading accounts and sub-accounts seamlessly. The margin details, including Total Margin, Available Margin, and Margin Ratio, ensure transparent risk management.

Comparison with Leading Platforms:
A comparative analysis with leading platforms like Binance, OKX, and Bybit reveals BitMake’s unique features, such as Unified Trading Account support, absence of ADL, automatic borrowing, and daily profit and loss settlement.


BitMake’s comprehensive ecosystem, ranging from Unified Accounts to diverse trading options, provides users with a robust and user-friendly platform. Whether engaging in spot trading, leveraging assets, or exploring financial services like lending and borrowing, BitMake offers a streamlined and efficient experience. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, BitMake stands as a noteworthy platform, contributing to the accessibility and diversity of digital asset trading.