How Much Does It Cost to List on a Crypto Exchange?

How does CoinListing.Service save you at least 5% compared to the official CEX listing price?

Let’s say the official listing fee for a token on an exchange is $30,000. If you were to approach the exchange directly, you’d have to pay that full amount.

Now, if you choose CoinListing.Service instead, we’ll negotiate with the exchange to lower the fee for you. Let’s assume we successfully negotiate a 5% reduction. That would mean you’d only have to pay $28,500 instead of the full $30,000.

So, by using CoinListing.Service, you save $1,500, which is more than 5% of the original $30,000 listing price. This way, you get your token listed on the exchange while keeping more of your money in your pocket.

How certain distrubutors can sell cheaper than the factory or manufacture price?: In simple terms, some distributors can sell things cheaper because they buy a lot of products at once. When they buy in bulk, they can get discounts from the manufacturers. This means they can sell the products for less and still make a profit. So, when you see something being sold for a lower price, it’s often because the distributor got a good deal from buying a large quantity.