Bitget Listing Service

How To Listing Token On Bitget?

???? Bitget Listing Services ????

Are you a top-tier project with a solid social presence and impressive on-chain data? Then Tier S is your lucky spot, my friend! It’s absolutely free! Yeah, you heard me right, FREE! ????????

Now, for those projects that are still pretty darn good but not quite top of the line, we’ve got Tier A waiting for you. It’ll cost you 80k (40k USDT + 40k USD worth of tokens). Still a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. ????????

But hold your horses, there’s more! Tier B is here for those projects that are just a step below. For the price of 160k (80k USDT + 80k USD worth of tokens), you’ll be in the game. ????????

Remember, the ranking goes like this: Tier S > Tier A > Tier B. So choose wisely, my friend!

Now, let’s talk discounts. We’re open to negotiation, but only for those projects with special circumstances, you hear? So don’t go expecting a discount just because you fancy it. We’ll take a look at the project’s data and make a decision accordingly. ????????

So there you have it, the lowdown on our Bitget Listing Services. Just keep in mind, the fees for Tier A projects can range from 40k to 80k, and Tier B projects may face a fee of 100k to 160k, depending on their data.

Now, get off your arse and let’s make some bloody money! ????????