• 1. Submission & dd

    Send us your project’s website and Contract Address. We check if it meets the crypto exchange listing requirements.

  • 2. Approval & Listing

    If accepted, we connect you with the Listing Team to discuss listing time and fees.

  • 3. Refund

    You only pay the exchange’s listing fee (no extra charges). We refund 50% of the commission fee from the crypto exchange.

Partner with us for a lower listing fee – we negotiate in advance.

HTX Listing Services Summary:


🌟 HTX (formerly Huobi) offers listing services for projects, subject to a fee of 350k (70% in USDT and 30% in tokens).
🔍 HTX (Huobi) conducts a thorough project review and categorizes projects into four levels: A level, B+ level, B level, and C level.
⭐ Only projects classified as A level and B+ level are eligible for listing.

For further information, kindly contact our dedicated team at @coinlistingservice on Telegram. We will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries you may have. 

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Huobi Listing Service – Your Gateway to the Crypto Elite.

Why work with us instead of contacting exchanges directly? We list our clients without a queue and at a lower price than the official rates. We have direct partnerships with exchange management BD Listing Manager, increasing the chances of successful listings. Choose us for a faster, more efficient process. Let us handle your token/coin listing with expertise.

We also offer our services at a lower price than the official rates. How about that for a sweet deal? (Cashback 5-10%)

Let me tell you that dealing with crypto exchanges directly can be a long and arduous process. The exchange may take forever to respond, and even if they approve the listing, it can still take an eternity for it to actually happen. But fear not, for we are here to save you from this never-ending wait.

When you choose to work with us, we prioritize our clients and list them without any pesky queues. We understand the value of time, and we make sure to expedite the process for you.

When it comes to guarantees, while we cannot promise success in every case, we do have direct partnerships with BD Listing Manager. This gives us better leverage and increases the likelihood of a successful listing. We go the extra mile by signing agreements with our clients and connecting them directly with BD Listing Manager for a more streamlined process.

Huobi Listing Service


  • 1. application form

    Project filling in our listing application form.

    Note: Application must be filled be out by the founder or A co-founder

  • 2. Due Diligence

    Our listing,research and partnership team

    conducts a review and due diligence on

    the application which takes between 1-3 business days

  • 3. contract agreement

    If the project passes our listing survey and due diligence process, you will be approved and our team will reach out to you, after which a contract agreement will be sent and signed by both parties

  • 4. announcement

    Immediately this is done successfully. Our Marketing team will create materials as necessary. The for announcement and joint press release.