How Much Does It Cost to List on a Crypto Exchange?

Key Criteria for Exchange Listing Consideration

  1. Testnet number of participants
  2. IDO Successful Subscribers
  3. Airdrop currency holders
  4. The number of participants of the on-chain task platform
  5. Average Views of Inactive Twitter Content
  6. Number of Telegram or Discord communities
  7. Telegram or Discord average number of chats per hour
  8. Official website monthly visits
  9. Number of Twitter space participants (community projects)
  10. Financing (non-community projects)
  11. Average Views of Inactive Twitter Content (repeated)
  12. Number of communities on Telegram or Discord
  13. Average number of chats per hour on Telegram or Discord
  14. Official website monthly visits (repeated)
  15. Number of addresses on the chain
  16. Number of on-chain transactions in a week
  17. The average number of interactions on the chain in 1 hour on the block explorer
  18. 24-Hour DEX trading volume (no DEX projects are not considered)