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KuCoin is known as the home to new crypto projects with high potential — crypto gems. If you are on the verge of making your crypto project public and want to get your token listed on KuCoin, we have a few security tips for you!


This article will lead you through the listing application process, highlight the important steps, and help you avoid any potential scams.


Getting Your Token Listed on KuCoin

Getting started with the application process is as easy as navigating to the KuCoin homepage, scrolling down to its footer section, and clicking on the “Token Listing” button.


Navigating to the Token Listing Form


Doing that will open up the token listing application form, which will present the general overview of the listing process, requiring you to submit your project information and documentation, as well as signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of your submission.


The project will then be verified and evaluated with the help of our internal auditing team. Once the preliminary review is passed, our official listing managers will reach out to you, providing further guidance. Be aware that, when our representatives reach out, there are a few verification mechanisms (see the next paragraphs) that can prove our officials’ identities to protect you from scammers.


If you are interested in additional tips and an in-depth explanation of the listing process at KuCoin, take a look at the tips for getting listed on KuCoin from our CEO, Johnny Lyu.


However, as straightforward as the process is, we understand that the crypto market is filled with bad-faith players that try to exploit you by posing as KuCoin staff. For that reason, we have created several reliable verification processes that will help you protect your project from listing scams.


Anti-Fraud Verification Process

Here at KuCoin, we understand the importance of keeping your funds protected, even more so if you are a crypto business. That’s why we have created a comprehensive anti-fraud system that ensures you do not fall victim to scams that are ever-present in our industry.


Our anti-fraud verification process consists of three main segments:


1. Anti-Phishing Verification

2. Official Contact Verification

3. Business Wallet Address Verification


Let’s explore all three and see how our system works to help you avoid fraud in the project listing space.


Anti-Phishing Verification

When filling out your listing application on KuCoin, the last question on the first page will require you to create an anti-phishing verification code.


Anti-Phishing Code Creation


This code is an 8-digit number that KuCoin team members will use for verification when reaching out to you. All KuCoin personnel that reach out to you will have to present the code you have created in order to verify themselves. If they are unable to provide you with the code, they are most likely not KuCoin’s official staff members.


Contact Verification

Another important thing to note when getting contacted by the KuCoin listing team is the contact email itself. All KuCoin staff will contact you via emails containing one of the following domains:


  • @kucoin.com
  • @corp.kucoin.com
  • @flsdex.com


For security reasons, even if the staff contacting you has the correct email domain, a verification code will also be provided for better security.


If you have established a conversation with one of the listing staff members prior to submitting the listing application, KuCoin will remain using the previous communication channel. On the other hand, if your first point of contact with KuCoin staff comes after submitting the listing application and passing the initial review, KuCoin’s official staff will contact you via email.


The contact information of our staff can be additionally verified through our staff verification system.


Business Wallet Address Verification

In order to protect our project partners on every front even further, we’ve recently launched a new feature called business wallet address verification. KuCoin is the first crypto exchange that offers such a comprehensive verification system. All our strides in this feature came with the aim of giving our business partners peace of mind anytime and anywhere.


KuCoin Official Media & Wallet Verification


We highly recommend anyone who receives any wallet address information from KuCoin officials head over to the Verification Center and verify the addresses before committing to any transactions.


All KuCoin business emails (or other forms of communication) that contain the transfer requests will have a KuCoin address which the project can verify using our verification system.


Note: The Verification Center can only verify KuCoin-related business wallet addresses — the feature cannot be used to verify individual accounts/wallets.


Final Word

It’s important to note that even the smartest individuals can be exposed to unexpected scams. Therefore, at any stage of the token listing application at KuCoin, we strongly recommend that you use our verification processes rather than believing anyone who contacts you blindly.


Last but not least, thank you for your interest in the KuCoin Exchange, the home of hidden crypto gems! We are proud of the fact we are offering support to over 700 projects, and are looking forward to new projects getting listed on our exchange!

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