BitMake Exchange

The Advantages of Affiliating with BitMake Exchange

Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities: The Positives of Becoming an Affiliate Agent for BitMake Exchange

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are constantly exploring avenues to participate actively in the dynamic digital asset market. One promising opportunity is to become an affiliate agent for crypto exchanges. This essay focuses on the numerous advantages associated with taking on the role of an affiliate agent for BitMake Exchange.

1. Attractive Affiliate Commissions (40-60%):

  • BitMake Exchange offers a highly competitive affiliate commission structure, providing agents with the potential to earn generous commissions ranging from 40% to 60%. This lucrative incentive directly correlates with the trading activities of referred users, making it an attractive proposition for affiliate agents.

2. Competitive Transaction Fees:

  • The exchange boasts competitive transaction fees, enhancing its appeal to potential users. With a 0.1% fee for Spot Taker/Market and 0.06% (Taker) & 0.02% (Maker) for Futures, BitMake ensures that traders can benefit from cost-effective transactions, which serves as a compelling selling point for affiliate agents.

3. Robust Insurance Fund for User Protection:

  • BitMake’s commitment to user security is evident through its substantial insurance fund, exceeding $10 million USD. This fund serves as a safety net, ensuring the protection and compensation of user assets in the face of severe incidents. The detailed information provided on the Protection Fund page further reinforces the exchange’s dedication to user safety.
  • On-chain verification through BTC and ETH addresses on Blockchain Explorer and Etherscan adds an additional layer of transparency, bolstering user confidence.

4. Special Incentive Programs (Updated as of 02/01/2024):

  • BitMake introduces special programs to incentivize user engagement, creating additional earning opportunities for affiliate agents. With bonuses for new users completing KYC and depositing over 200 USDT (+5 USDT) and extra rewards for accumulated trading volumes exceeding 200,000 USDT (+15 USDT), affiliates have multiple avenues to enhance their earnings.

5. Highlighted Features of BitMake Exchange:

  • The Unified Trading Account (UTA) offers a flexible and convenient solution for users, consolidating various types of accounts, including Futures and Spot.
  • The user-friendly interface, accessible on both mobile and web platforms, ensures a seamless trading experience for a diverse audience.
  • Competitive futures trading fees, with Taker at 0.06% and Maker at 0.02%, coupled with the Lite-Futures feature, simplify trading and limit account liquidation risks.
  • The lightning-fast order matching speed adds a significant competitive edge, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

6. Future Listing Opportunities:

  • Being a new entrant in the market, BitMake Exchange is poised to list numerous trading pairs in the future. This presents a unique advantage for affiliate agents, as they can tap into the potential growth of the exchange and expand their referral base.

In conclusion, becoming an affiliate agent for BitMake Exchange offers a plethora of positive aspects, ranging from lucrative commissions to innovative features and a commitment to user security. Affiliates have the opportunity to align themselves with a promising platform that is not only competitive in the present but also holds the potential for significant growth in the future. For those interested in exploring this exciting opportunity further, detailed information can be obtained by contacting @Kris_BitMake.