BitMake Exchange

The Benefits of Being a BitMake Exchange Affiliate

Unlocking Earnings: The Benefits of Being a BitMake Exchange Affiliate

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, here’s a straightforward overview of why becoming a BitMake Exchange affiliate is a great opportunity:

  1. High Commissions (40-60%):
    • Earn substantial commissions based on your referrals’ trading activities.
  2. Low Transaction Fees:
    • BitMake offers competitive fees (0.1% for Spot, 0.06% Taker & 0.02% Maker for Futures).
  3. User Protection with a $10M+ Fund:
    • BitMake ensures user asset protection with a robust insurance fund.
  4. Special Incentives (As of 02/01/2024):
    • Get bonuses for new users and extra rewards for high trading volumes.
  5. Exciting Exchange Features:
    • Enjoy features like the Unified Trading Account, user-friendly interface, and low fees.
  6. Fast Order Matching and Future Listings:
    • Experience rapid order matching and anticipate more trading pairs as BitMake grows.

For details, contact @Kris_BitMake. Don’t miss out on this chance to earn and be part of BitMake’s future success!