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The top choice CEXs for token listing.

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Listings Criteria

The main requirements for listing a token on CEXs are having an active community on social media like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and having a high trading volume.

What are Bitget’s project review criteria? 

  • Testnet number of participants
  • IDO Successful Subscribers
  • Airdrop currency holders
  • The number of participants of the on-chain task platform
  • Average Views of Inactive Twitter Content
  • Number of Telegram or Discord communities
  • Telegram or Discord average number of chats per hour
  • Official website monthly visits
  • Number of Twitter space participants (community projects)
  • Financing (non-community projects)
  • Average Views of Inactive Twitter Content (repeated)
  • Number of communities on Telegram or Discord
  • Average number of chats per hour on Telegram or Discord
  • Official website monthly visits (repeated)
  • Number of addresses on the chain
  • Number of on-chain transactions in a week
  • The average number of interactions on the chain in 1 hour on the block explorer
  • 24-Hour DEX trading volume (no DEX projects are not considered)
How Much Does It Cost to List on a Crypto Exchange?

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1. low-cost options 3,5-12K USDT

If you’re looking for low-cost options to list your token on CEXs, consider Latoken, P2B, and Dex-trade. Their listing fees range from $3,500 to $12,000.

2. User-friendly - popular 15-20K usdt: XT, Digifinex

If you’ve got a budget of around 15-20k USDT for token listing and want to list on popular, user-friendly crypto trading platforms, we suggest considering Digifinex and XT.

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3. User-friendly - Famous - Good liquidity 30-40K usdt: BitMart & LBank

A user-friendly, famous, and highly liquid option for listing, with a fee ranging from 30-40K USDT, are BitMart and LBank.


Allocate 60K USDT to list on BingX and MEXC to optimize liquidity, foster FOMO, and enhance project credibility.

5. Premium Tier-1 CEX Listing HTX, Bitget, Bitthumb: 100-320k usdt

The best Tier-1 project easy to list on HTX, Bitget, Bybit to increase credibility, with extremely high liquidity, reaching over 80% of crypto users knowing about your project and willing to buy your token.

Easier listing compared to other Tier-1 cryptos, priced from 100-320k USDT.