What are the easiest CEXs to get listed on?

Exploring Effortless Paths: The Easiest Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Token Listings

In our quest to uncover the simplest paths for listing your token, let’s incorporate another option to cater to diverse project needs:

  • DEX-TRADE.COM: Starting at the most affordable end, DEX-TRADE.COM shines with its remarkably low listing fee of 3.5K USDT, making it an ideal starting point for emerging projects venturing into the CEX realm.
dex-trade listing service
Dex-trade listing service
  • P2B: As we approach the higher end, P2B presents a cost-effective choice with a flat fee of 12K USDT, ensuring accessibility to the exchange scene without significant financial strain.
  • CITEX.IO: Moving up the ladder, CITEX.IO requires a modest 10K USDT for listing, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious projects eager to tap into CEX liquidity.
Citex Listing
Citex Listing
  • Latoken: In the mid-range, Latoken offers a competitive range of 10-15k USDT, providing an accessible entry point for projects seeking CEX exposure without hefty upfront costs.
  • DIGIFINEX.COM: Following closely, Digifinex enters the scene with a listing fee of 15K USDT, offering another straightforward path for token listings. With its popularity and intuitive interface, Digifinex is a go-to platform for projects aiming to establish themselves in the crypto market.
  • XT.COM: Offering a user-friendly interface and a listing fee of 20K USDT, XT.COM provides an ideal environment for traders of all levels, bridging the gap between affordability and accessibility.
  • BitMart: Climbing further up, BitMart stands with a listing fee of 30K USDT. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive trading options, BitMart offers a renowned and highly liquid environment for token listings.
  • LBank: LBank emerges with a listing fee of 40K USDT, providing a prestigious option for token listings. With its fame and liquidity, LBank offers a prime platform for projects aiming to make a significant impact in the crypto market.
  • MEXC: Introducing MEXC, a platform where allocating 60K USDT for listing can optimize liquidity, foster FOMO, and enhance project credibility. This option provides a robust foundation for projects aiming to make a significant impact in the crypto market.

By incorporating MEXC into our list, we ensure that projects have a comprehensive range of options to choose from, catering to various budgets and objectives. Whether you prioritize affordability, user-friendliness, liquidity, or credibility enhancement, there’s an exchange tailored to your project’s needs. Embrace the ease and embark on your listing journey with confidence!

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