Listing Keypoint

Listing Keypoints

1- High Volume and Visiting
whiteBIT is ranking 5th among all the exchanges for 24h volume with 1.5B USD Coingecko (tap 24hr normalized)
whiteBIT is ranking 5th among all the exchanges for monthly visit with 22.9 M Coingecko (tap monthly visit)
Our users are based in Europe. (BTC/EUR pair is very popular)

2- Transparency and Security
WhiteBIT is ranking 1st among all exchanges for security
Platform has its own blockchain system and WBT coin
WhiteBIT’s normalized and 24hr volume is almost exactly the same and this proves the policy of transparency as WhiteBIT never manipulates the platform.
Custody service: %96 of all assets are held in cold wallets.

3- User Friendly Platform and wide range of products
Advantages for WBT holders %22 yearly gain
High Frequency traders are benefiting from fast request capacity (160 per second) subaccounts, colocation, low fees…
24/7 support and account managers
Flexible API, AML check services, Utility share
More than 1000 Institutional clients and VIP services.
Crypto borrowing, Lending, Referral and gift cards.
WhitePay, WhiteEX, WhiteMarket, WhiteChain

4- Introduction to Turkish Market
Turkey is one of the leading countries in mass adoption of the crypto industry with 35M young population
Crypto/TRY pairs
Marketing packages specifically for Turkey.

5- Finances *Listing fee is 50K*
Significantly low listing prices compared to our competitors %50 asset %50 USDT payment
Our TR platform is out so we are in the listing season!

6- Listing Process
Application form will be sent
KYB process
Official Offer
Technical (smart contract) and marketing checks